Bengaluru to face 2-hour power cut daily

catsThe government has resorted to load-shedding in the State. Load-shedding will be for two hours to six hours a day.
In Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka, it will be for two hours a day. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company will announce the load-shedding schedule soon.
There will be two-hour load shedding in urban areas of Karnataka as power generation has dipped, state Power Minister D K Shivakumar said.
“Power generation in the state has dipped. Therefore, we have no option but to resort to two-hour load shedding in urban areas,” he told reporters.
The sudden fall in power generation in Raichur and Bellary Thermal Power Stations coupled with Udupi  Thermal Power Plant’s denial to supply electricity to Karnataka has led to an overall shortage of 1650 MW of power. This forced the government to introduce power cuts, Shivakumar added.
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