Airport to be expanded soon

catsCivil works related to the next phase of the expansion, including the second runway and terminal, at Kempegowda International Airport is expected to commence in early 2015.
The BIAL had proposed an increase of 240 per cent for domestic travel and 70 per cent for international travel last year.
However, the AERA did not approve this and a second meeting was called. AERA suggested that the UDF be based on a hybrid model which would take into account BIAL aeronautical and non-aeronautical revenue. Though the consortium was against this proposal, it later indicated its acceptance of a model where 30 per cent of non-traffic aeronautical revenue would be considered while increasing the fee.
After T1 expansion was completed in December 2013, the handling capacity is 20 million passengers per annum. After the next phase of expansion is completed, the airport can handle 55 million passengers
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